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Name Market Cap Mine Location
Pan American Silver Corp. 1000M+ Argentina Mexico Peru Bolivia
SSR Mining Inc. 1000M+ USA Canada Argentina Mexico Peru
Torex Gold Resources Inc. 1000M+ Mexico
Yamana Gold Inc. 1000M+ Argentina Brazil Canada Chile
SOUTH32 LIMITED 1000M+ Australia Brazil USA Colombia South Africa
Agnico Eagle Mines Limited 1000M+ Canada Finland Mexico
Alamos Gold Inc. 1000M+ Canada Mexico Turkey USA
Eldorado Gold Corporation 1000M+ Brazil Greece Romania Turkey
First Majestic Silver Corp. 1000M+ Mexico
New Gold Inc. 500 - 1000M Canada Mexico
Nexa Resources S.A. 500 - 1000M Brazil Peru
Silvercorp Metals Inc. 500 - 1000M China
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. 500 - 1000M Argentina Mexico Peru
McEwen Mining Inc. 200 - 500M USA Argentina Mexico
Americas Silver Corporation 200 - 500M Mexico USA
Atalaya Mining plc 200 - 500M Spain
Endeavour Silver Corp. 200 - 500M Mexico
Gran Colombia Gold Corp. 200 - 500M Colombia
Sierra Metals Inc. 100 - 200M Mexico Peru
GoGold Resources Inc. 100 - 200M Mexico
Great Panther Silver Limited 100 - 200M Mexico
Imperial Metals Corporation 100 - 200M Canada
Maya Gold & Silver Inc. 50 - 100M Mexico Morocco
Trevali Mining Corporation 50 - 100M Canada Peru Namibia Burkina Faso
Excellon Resources Inc. 50 - 100M Mexico
Orvana Minerals Corp. 20 - 50M USA Spain Bolivia
Northern Vertex Mining Corp. 20 - 50M USA
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. 20 - 50M Canada Mexico
IMPACT Silver Corp. 20 - 50M Mexico
Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. 10 - 20M Mexico
Telson Mining Corporation 5 - 10M Mexico
Ascendant Resources Inc. 5 - 10M Honduras Portugal
PANTERRA GOLD LIMITED 2 - 5M Cuba Dominican Republic
Starcore International Mines Ltd. 2 - 5M Mexico
Nevsun Resources Ltd. Serbia Eritrea
Tahoe Resources Inc. Canada Peru Guatemala
Hunt Mining Corp. Argentina
Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd. USA
MMG LIMITED Australia Congo Peru
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