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Our Mission

How this Internet Discussion Site can help you

  • Quickly identify miners and mining stocks based on mining related criteria
  • Help you find other people with similar interests in resources, miners and mining stocks
  • Chat online with other people about general topics related to mining, natural resources and mining companies

How this Internet DIscussion Site cannot help you

  • We do not provide technical or fundamental analysis (that is for you to research or your financial adviser to provide)
  • TrueWidth will not tell you which stocks to buy or sell or when to do so
  • TrueWidth nor its users or members cannot take into account your specific needs or objectives
  • TrueWidth, it’s users and members are not qualified to provide  financial advice and as such
  • TrueWidth is not a source of financial advice

TrueWidth is free for members and site visitors. Use of our chat tool and saving a list of mining stocks requires registration.

Many websites can provide technical or fundamental analysis about a specific company/equity but there are so many public mining companies all at varying levels of development, focusing on different natural resources that getting a list of companies you are interested in researching further can be extremely time consuming.

The team at has collated a list of listed miners listed on the ASX, TSX and TSXV stock exchanges. We provide site users and members with access to our library of these mining equities via miner profile pages, searchable by various criteria such as mining resource and other mining related criteria.

The site links to sources of information where you can research a company further, predominantly on the miner’s website, as well as on Linkedin where you can research the backgrounds of the directors of each company.

In addition to listing profiles of miners we provide access to an online chat tool where  registered members can obtain general information for all things related the mining industry, whether it be resources, miners or things to look for when conducting your research.

You can engage in one on one direct chat with users with similar interests. Using the site you can search for other members will similar interests in mining stocks, types of miners and resources they are interested in.

The risk/return profile of miners of all types, whether it be explorers, developers or producers is extremely high. Mining stocks are some of the most volatile investments on the planet. The chances of a mineral explorer finding a resource and developing it into a  profitable mine are extremely slim, however if successful the rewards can be material.

Do not base any decision to invest purely on the basis of what you read on our website as it is an Internet discussion site, not a source of investment advice.

As this site is new we appreciate all feedback. Please provide feedback via the contact us page.

  • Online Chat Terms of Use

    Mining stocks are extremely risky and volatile investments that can result in severe financial loss. Only invest with money you are prepared to lose

    TrueWidth Chat is optimised for one on one discussion. Private one on one conversations are not moderated however flaming, baiting, trolling, use of abusive, harassing or inappropriate language or spam made either publicly or privately will result in permanent account termination

    We do not endorse or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of postings

    Postings are at best general information, not professional investment advice prepared by taking into account any individual circumstances and needs of particular investors. Seek professional investment advice before choosing to make any investment decisions

    No-one is permitted to make postings as a licensed investment adviser or as a representative of a licensed advise. Posting of 3rd party stock analyst reports are not permitted

    If you hold a particular stock please disclose it on the public board when posting

    Through use of this chat tool you also agree to our site terms and conditions below

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