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  • Miner Type: Developer
  • Primary Resource: Bauxite Silica Alumina
  • Secondary Resource: Bauxite Silica Alumina
  • Mine Locations: Australia
  • Market Cap: 2 - 5M
  • Stock Exchange: ASX
  • Stock Code: MLM
Company Website Announcements
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2017 has been a watershed year for Metallica as it moved ever closer to commissioning its planned 1.5Mtpa Urquhart Bauxite Project (Project) (MLM 50% and Operator) in Queensland, with the aim of delivering shareholder value through first bauxite production, revenue and cash flow. The Company has a stated goal of achieving 5-7Mtpa of sales over the next 3-5 years and delivering on this goal will mean other growth opportunities can be assessed and converted into producing projects.

Late in 2016 an independent Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) by IMC Mining supported the immediate development of the Project, which is hosted in two shallow bauxite plateaus 5km south of Weipa and offers low capital and operating costs for a pre-tax NPV of A$78.4m on sales of 6.5Mt of Proved and Probable Reserves.

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