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What are the safest countries for gold, silver and other miners?


Mining is very capital intensive and requires enormous and long term capital investments into specific countries. These investments, due to their size and potential impact on the environment require a close relationship between the government/state and the mining company. In many cases issues like political instability, terrorism, corruption, environmental concerns, and other man made or natural issues can result in at least the reduction of efficiency of the mine and at worst the closure of the mine, which can be disastrous for shareholders. When making a mining investment it is important to weight up these risks, so we have tabled a list of countries in reducing order of risk (or sovereign risk as it is normally referred to).

We have provided access to list of public mining companies with mines in the safest countries with the lowest sovereign risk. Fortunately many of the successful gold, silver, and base metals miners are located in these jurisdictions. There are many other countries that miners operate in if you have the risk appetite for it.

Low Risk

Low-Medium Risk

Mines in Canada Mines in Nicaragua
Mines in Finland Mines in South Korea
Mines in Sweden Mines in France
Mines in the USA Mines in Germany
Mines in Peru Mines in the UK
Mines in Chile Mines in Burkina Faso
Mines in Mexico Mines in Greenland
Mines in Austria Mines in Morocco
Mines in Ireland Mines in Colombia
Mines in Australia Mines in Greece
Mines in Japan Mines in Brazil
Mines in New Zealand Mines in Bulgaria
Mines in Madagascar Mines in the Dominican Republic
Mines in Spain Mines in Cote divoire
Mines in Argentina Mines in Mongolia
Mines in Switzerland Mines in Turkey
Mines in Norway Mines in the Czech Republic
Mines in Portugal
Mines in Romania
Mines in Italy
Miners in Zambia
Mines in Ghana
Mines in South Africa

Companies with Gold Mines Per Major Mining Jurisdiction

Low Risk Low-Medium Risk
Gold Mines in Canada Gold Mines in Burkina Faso
Gold Mines in the USA Gold Mines in Colombia
Gold Mines in Peru Gold Mines in Brazil
Gold Mines in Chile Gold Mines in Ghana
Gold Mines in Mexico Gold Mines in South Africa
Gold Mines in Australia
Gold Mines in New Zealand
Gold Mines in Argentina

Companies with Silver Mines Per Major Mining Jurisdiction

Low Risk Low-Medium Risk
Silver Mines in Canada Silver Mines in Burkina Faso
Silver Mines in the USA Silver Mines in Colombia
Silver Mines in Peru Silver Mines in Brazil
Silver Mines in Chile Silver Mines in Ghana
Silver Mines in Mexico Silver Mines in South Africa
Silver Mines in Argentina





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